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DIVERSE: Meet professionals from all walks of life and persuasions

INCLUSIVE: Where you are accepted and appreciated for being your authentic self

PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT: A network of thought-leaders and professionals

CHANGE AGENTS​: Leaders who are committed to social justice and focused on innovating and transforming our  institutions, communities, society and world

RELATIONSHIPS: Build lasting professional relationships that can lead to future collaborations

EXPERTISE FROM DIVERSE SECTORS: Learn about the institutions and organizations that are championing D&I in our community and beyond

This is for those who simply want to receive updates from EDI and are not actively looking for a new opportunity. Join our growing online community to stay abreast on all things diversity.

However, if you're actively looking for new career opportunities or simply interested in learning about career pathways, we highly recommend you connecting with us by clicking the button below.
We truly value our relationship with candidates.

Upcoming Events

  • ILI 2021 Webinar Series - Moving Mountains in DEIB
    12:00PM - 1:30PM EST (For all event dates)
    Webinar Series
    In partnership with our corporate sponsor ESL Federal Credit Union and partners, we are excited to present to you - Moving Mountains in DEIB. EDI's Inclusive Leadership Institute's 2021 Webinar Series, focusing on helping individuals and teams advance their organizational DEIB goals.