ILI 2021 Moving Mountains Series: Key Note Speaker, Lex Gillette

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April 21, 2021

In partnership with our corporate sponsor ESL Federal Credit Union and partners, we are excited to present to you - Moving Mountains in DEIB. EDI's Inclusive Leadership Institute's 2021 Webinar Series, focusing on helping individuals and teams advance their organizational DEIB goals.

In partnership with our corporate inclusive sponsor, ESL Federal Credit Union -- We are proud to present to you, Moving Mountains in DEI -- our 2021 Webinar Series featuring global DEI practitioners, speakers, and facilitators from all sectors.

We believe in purposeful programming that raises awareness and understanding on issues confronting social justice through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

This year’s program consists of four series with each series having two parts. A total of eight (8) parts through the rest of the year. Every month from April through November, practitioners will share their lens and expertise on DEIB matters across industries..

On behalf of EDI’s Inclusive Leadership Institute, this year’s kick-off Keynote Speaker is Lex Gillette President, Trusted Voice, Inc. Current world record holder in the long jump, a four-time Paralympic medalist, a three-time long jump world champion, and an 18-time national champion. Please find Lex’s profile and background here. We are excited to welcome you to our inclusive leadership circle.

Join us on this journey of learning new intersecting ideas that drive true innovation in the DEIB space. To register for the entire series or part of it, please follow the instructions below.


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