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May 26, 2020

25 Actionable Steps you can take to help address structural and systemic racism.

From our CEO & Chief Diversity Officer Mohammed (Mo) Ahamed "Sometimes silence speaks louder than both action and words…if we neglect this moral and ethical duty in moments of great injustice, we have failed humanity. In that context, I have taken the personal step and time to publicly share one of our resources that we only shared with our partner clients. 

We have also opened up our blog for anyone to join and discuss/respond to this and many other articles coming in our Racial Equity Series. 

We have made some changes on our website to reflect this new step. This resource is a methodical approach - listing steps you can take to bring about solutions and healing now. We also have some other initiatives in the works and will share them as they become available. 

Join our member community. It is free. (

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Thank you. 

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