CEO EVOLvingBiz Podcast Interview

EDI Editorial

June 18, 2020

Our CEO does what he does best here in this podcast. Visit the link below to listen to what he had to share.

"To enjoy the fruits of diversity, you have to face unlearning, discomfort and difficult decisions," says Mohammed Ahamed of Engaging Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Firm.

Full episode here: 

Recent racial unrest has alerted many white people to what people of color have long faced: interpersonal, institutional and structural racism in the workplace and in broader society. While many companies have made efforts toward diversity, too often the the result can be "performative diversity" without meaningful inclusion. 

Tune in to this #EVOLvingBiz #podcast episode to hear Mo's insights on taking conscious action for equity as a leader and as an organization, and how inclusive cultures are better for both human and organizational flourishing. #leadership #diversity #equity #inclusion #ConsciousCapitalism #ROC


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