our search methodology

Our search methodology is grounded in effective and successful inclusive excellence practices. We engage well-qualified candidates who fundamentally embody our philosophy of inclusivity in order to deliver a diverse pool for our client’s consideration.


We believe establishing trust early and effective communication are key to sustaining the partnership with our clients. Our commitment to our clients is reflected in our core principles outlined here...

Culture & Climate Assessment

Our leadership team conducts a pre-search study to assess the needs of our client through a series of discussions, observation, and communication with leaders to identify core strengths and areas of potential growth.

Marketing & Advertising

We use our findings to develop a comprehensive profile and advertising strategy and sourcing campaign. EDI prepares all marketing materials for the search and ensures that positions are advertised in all the relevant networks that are carefully selected to attract the candidate pool we seek. We intentionally engage a diverse and inclusive network of affiliatesincluding our internal active network of potential candidates.

Client & Candidate Management

We strategize, develop and implement an inclusive recruitment campaign to market the opportunity, elicit nominations, and identify outstanding prospects. All candidate materials, communications and inquiries are managed by the firm to provide a seamless review process.

Review & Evaluation

Our search consultants provide guidance and coaching to search committee on our inclusive review methodology of the entire applicant pool. A smaller group of semi-finalists is identified for preliminary virtual interviews and subsequently invite finalists for in-person interviews.

Due Diligence

We provide in-depth analysis and due diligence for each finalist, which includes thorough background and reference checks.  Our search consultants advise and assist the Search Committee in organizing the interviews, portfolio analysis and presentation.



Search Consultants meet with the search committee to review due diligence and findings of the in-person interviews.  We provide a recommended compensation report to the committee chair (s) and will assist in extending the offer if prompted. Search Consultants stay in contact with the committee chair (s) and the incumbent to ensure a seamless transition.


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