In our current economic and socio-political climate, institutions and organizations are challenged to rethink their approach to addressing the complex issues of our time. At EDI, we believe institutional and organizational mission, goals and strategic plans must align  with CULTURE in order to cultivate a climate that is built on understanding and welcoming to all. From cultural insensitivity, racial/disability/gender bias, microaggressions and discrimination to title IX issues, our organizations have become fertile grounds for intolerance. Absent of intentional inclusive practices, focused analysis and critique are; student unrests/protests and low retention-rates in our educational institutions --low employee engagement, creativity, productivity, high turn-over and the subsequent loss of talented diverse and inclusive leadership that is necessary to address these challenging issues in organizations.

There are several ways EDI engages with our clients to analyze these challenges that undergird their organizational culture and climate. We partner with our clients to assess, develop and implement solutions that are comprehensive in scope and customized to their particular needs. Our scorecard helps institutions and organization measure their strategies as they relate to equity, diversity and inclusivity and we provide recommendations that will allow for greater impact and transform your culture.

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