"We believe investing in talented diverse and inclusive leaders will be the driving force behind every institutional and organizational transformation going forward."

~ Mohammed Ahamed

CEO & Chief Diversity Officer, EDI

Unprecedented Times 
Require B.o.l.d Leadership

Where leaders engaging with difference...drive change and innovation in:

Education | Corporate /HR | Non-Profit | STEM


EDI is a premier executive search and diversity consulting firm that was founded on inclusive values. Servicing educational institutions, corporate HR, non-profit and STEM industries. From executive search, leadership development and coaching, to research and strategic planning, our approach centers innovative inclusive practices and solutions as catalyst to transforming organizational culture. We help our clients attract, develop and retain the best workforce by identifying and addressing issues confronting equity, diversity and inclusion in their systems, structures, policies, and practices.


To provide a paradigm shift in how leadership is perceived and practiced in businesses, organizations, institutions, and our society. To share counter narratives that increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of  difference. Lead the way in transforming organizational culture through innovative, culturally-relevant education and inclusive practices that develop socially conscious and responsible generation of leaders.


Our mission is to partner with institutions, businesses and organizations to provide inclusive search and consulting services-- that identify and develop talented and skilled diverse and inclusive leaders. We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by engaging with/across difference and practice inclusivity by modeling a sense of belonging within our firm and helping our clients achieve the same. Our purpose is to help our partners transform their culture into environments where people can become the best authentic version of themselves to perform at their optimal best.

innovate with integrity: We recruit, engage, and develop leaders who innovate systems, structures, policies, and practices with integrity. In everything we do, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical ideals.

commitment to inclusion: We are committed to creating a sense of belonging for all our consultants, clients and community. Our commitment to our people, candidates, clients and community informs our work.

accountability: We are responsible for our actions. Accountable to each other, our clients and our community.

respect for diversity: Our core value is to live and work in a diverse and inclusive world. To this end, we appreciate, respect and welcome difference as a form of strength throughout our firm and help our clients achieve the same.

equity and empathy: We understand that our work is fundamentally about developing and connecting people, their families and career aspirations to great organizations. Therefore, we engage with each other, our candidates, clients, and community in an equitable and empathetic manner.

Our Values



Where leaders engaging with difference...drive change and innovation in:

Education | Corporate /HR | Non-Profit | STEM

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